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About Beacon Animal Rescue

OUR MISSION is to rescue, shelter, and find loving homes for cats and dogs; to educate the community about responsible treatment of companion animals; and to promote the practice of spaying and neutering.

Beacon Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to ensure that homeless cats and dogs are given a safe haven from shelters that euthanize animals. We conduct our organization as a rescue for animals, not a shelter. What’s the difference you may ask? When a shelter receives a pet, the cat or dog will be tested and evaluated to determine if the animal is adoptable or not. The three things that are considered when making this decision are the age, temperament, and health of the animal. If the animal is deemed adoptable, it is given an estimated duration at the shelter. The pets that are deemed un-adoptable are rejected and slated to be euthanized. This is where we step in.

When we rescue a cat or dog, we take them into our care and provide them with veterinary care, they are spayed or neutered, brought up to date on their vaccines and they are micro-chipped. Finally, we work our hardest to find each cat or dog the home that best meets their needs.

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Beacon Animal Rescue started with one simple idea from a couple of volunteers at a shelter in Upper Township. Cheryl Alessandrine and Jeanne Swift decided to create a non-profit rescue after years of scrambling to find homes for pets that had treatable diseases but were about to be euthanized due to overcrowding in shelters. Until this point, Cheryl and Jeanne used homemade flyers to advertise and their own money to pay for vet bills.

Eventually, a small group of animal lovers formed, held meetings, and over time, became known as Beacon Animal Rescue in 2003. The Rescue, currently located at 701 Butter Road in Ocean View, NJ, is where Beacon operates today.

We are committed to the no-kill philosophy: we have a 100% adoption rate and our animals are cared for until they are placed in loving homes or, if no home can be found, they will live out their lives at Beacon.

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Become a Volunteer You can provide this crucial support to the dogs and cats in our care in a variety of ways when you volunteer with Beacon Animal Rescue

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