Volunteer Of The Month

There is a serenity, a kindness, a warmth that surrounds Kristin Elliott and her 10 year-old son, Will.  You can feel it when they arrive at Beacon each Sunday afternoon.  It’s just the kind of demeanor that shelter dogs and cats crave as they await their forever homes.

Kristin and Will began volunteering about a year ago, after adopting a cat from Beacon’s adoption center inside the Somers Point PetSmart store.  With two rescue cats and a rescue dog at home, they know that shelter animals need patience, affection and affirmation.  Each Sunday, they make the 25-minute drive to Beacon and resume their usual duties, including playing with and cuddling cats in the cat room, walking dogs and exercising dogs in the fenced-in play yard. Kristin and Will have also volunteered at Beacon’s recent Coin Drop fundraisers at Cedar Square Shopping Center in Seaville.

As a mother, Kristin especially appreciates the fact that children – with vigilant adult supervision – are welcome to volunteer at Beacon, and that dogs are color-coded to indicate their level of energy, strength, vigor and behavior while walking on a leash.  She and Will stick with the green-coded dogs, which are the most calm leash walkers.

Although their weeks are always bustling with work, school, sports and extracurricular activities, Kristin and Will see numerous benefits in volunteering.  An attorney who splits her work week between a New York City office and a home office, Kristin looks forward to the weekly trek to Beacon to spend time with the animals.  She views the time spent leisurely walking the dogs as a special time for mother and son to talk, to dream, to enjoy the wonders of the day.  She also sees benefits for her son as he gains confidence, learns about making and honoring a commitment, asks questions and follows directions.  He has also picked up new skills regarding dog behavior and dog training.  

“It’s a joyful time for us,” Kristin observes.  “We receive much more than we give.”

Will, who likes to drop a portion of his allowance in the donation jar at Beacon each week, explains his reason for volunteering very simply, “I just want to help dogs and cats in need.”  

Pictured are Will and Kristin enjoying their time together while giving a Beacon friend some much appreciated TLC.    

You Can Help!

You can help in a hands-on way, such as walking dogs, cuddling cats, bringing animals to events, cleaning cages, helping potential adopters find their purr-fect matches, fostering an animal in need, or even taking pictures and writing bios for animals to be posted on our website.

Or if you prefer, you can help with fundraising, data entry, answering phones, grant writing, internet posting and updating, coordinating events and programs, graphic design, marketing and advertising, or even helping with the maintenance of our building and its grounds.

If you’re interested in voulunteering with us, please complete our online Volunteer Application and we’ll contact you to set up your orientation training.

Beacon welcomes volunteers of all ages, but for safety reasons we do insist that you be accompanied by an adult if you are under the age of 18.

Volunteers make a huge difference in the lives of our animals and provide love, attention, and comfort to our furry companions as they wait here for their future families to find and adopt them.

You can provide this crucial support to the dogs and cats in our care in a variety of ways when you volunteer with Beacon Animal Rescue. Whatever your skills, talents or interests, there is something you can do to help.


Petsmart Adoption Center (Somers Point) – Would you like to help our cats & kittens find great homes? We’re looking for volunteers to help with cleaning and playing with the cats in the mornings, and assisting potential adopters with our Petsmart kitties in the evening. If you would like to help, please complete our Volunteer Application.

Dog & Cat Area Cleaning (Mornings) – A clean environment is essential for the health & well-being of our animals. Could you spare a few hours a week to help our orphans? Please call the rescue if you can help.

Walk the Dogs – Come help provide our pooches with individual attention, mental stimulation & some much needed time & exercise out of their kennels. Daily walks & play time are so important for keeping them happy & healthy during their stay.

Maintenance of Grounds – We could use help maintaining the grounds around the rescue including mowing the lawn, weeding garden areas, planting seasonal flowers and other tasks.

Foster Homes – Some animals have a difficult time coping in a shelter environment or simply need a quiet place to rest during recovery from a medical procedure or condition. Foster families provide an invaluable bridge to forever homes.

Are you a professional Electrician, Carpenter, or Plumber? Beacon would be so grateful if you could share your time & skills with us on occasion.

Become a Volunteer You can provide this crucial support to the dogs and cats in our care in a variety of ways when you volunteer with Beacon Animal Rescue