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Volunteer Of The Month

When John Lanfranchi isn’t driving his jitney, there’s one place you’re likely to find him – at Beacon.  Even though he drives the jitney full-time and then some, he makes the half hour drive to Beacon twice a week, dependably cleaning the cat room or kennels, and walking some of the larger dogs.  He has also fostered cats, who’ve needed extra TLC and medication regimens, at his home over the years.

Dubbed the resident historian, John, we believe, is Beacon’s longest active volunteer, having started his volunteer stint in November 2004.  He and his daughter Frankie, then eight years old, spotted a booth at an Ocean City block party in 2004. It was a startup rescue in Upper Township looking for volunteers.  The whole family jumped in. John and Frankie began volunteering at the Rescue, while his wife coordinated fund raising events.

Fast forward to 2018, and the Lanfranchis are still volunteering, but Frankie is now 22 and finishing her Bachelors degree in Animal Science.  She will start veterinary school in the fall.

Animals are a significant part of the Lanfranchis’ way of life.  They have two rescue cats, one of whom they bottle-fed after finding it with the umbilical cord still attached.  They also have a 16 year-old shih tzu and a rescue pit bull. “It’s all about the welfare of the animals,” John observes.

Pictured are John, and his Beacon buddy Stryker, as they take a break from morning cleaning at the Rescue.


You Can Help!

You can help in a hands-on way, such as walking dogs, cuddling cats, bringing animals to events, cleaning cages, helping potential adopters find their purr-fect matches, fostering an animal in need, or even taking pictures and writing bios for animals to be posted on our website.

Or if you prefer, you can help with fundraising, data entry, answering phones, grant writing, internet posting and updating, coordinating events and programs, graphic design, marketing and advertising, or even helping with the maintenance of our building and its grounds.

If you’re interested in voulunteering with us, please complete our online Volunteer Application and we’ll contact you to set up your orientation training.

Beacon welcomes volunteers of all ages, but for safety reasons we do insist that you be accompanied by an adult if you are under the age of 18.

Volunteers make a huge difference in the lives of our animals and provide love, attention, and comfort to our furry companions as they wait here for their future families to find and adopt them.

You can provide this crucial support to the dogs and cats in our care in a variety of ways when you volunteer with Beacon Animal Rescue. Whatever your skills, talents or interests, there is something you can do to help.


Petsmart Adoption Center (Somers Point) – Would you like to help our cats & kittens find great homes? We’re looking for volunteers to help with cleaning and playing with the cats in the mornings, and assisting potential adopters with our Petsmart kitties in the evening. If you would like to help, please complete our Volunteer Application.

Dog & Cat Area Cleaning (Mornings) – A clean environment is essential for the health & well-being of our animals. Could you spare a few hours a week to help our orphans? Please call the rescue if you can help.

Walk the Dogs – Come help provide our pooches with individual attention, mental stimulation & some much needed time & exercise out of their kennels. Daily walks & play time are so important for keeping them happy & healthy during their stay.

Maintenance of Grounds – We could use help maintaining the grounds around the rescue including mowing the lawn, weeding garden areas, planting seasonal flowers and other tasks.

Foster Homes – Some animals have a difficult time coping in a shelter environment or simply need a quiet place to rest during recovery from a medical procedure or condition. Foster families provide an invaluable bridge to forever homes.

Are you a professional Electrician, Carpenter, or Plumber? Beacon would be so grateful if you could share your time & skills with us on occasion.

Become a Volunteer You can provide this crucial support to the dogs and cats in our care in a variety of ways when you volunteer with Beacon Animal Rescue