Happy Tails
We are committed to the no-kill philosophy: we have a 100% adoption rate and our animals are cared for until they are placed in loving homes or, if no home can be found, they will live out their lives here at Beacon.
Stitch found his furever home!

  We are loving having Goblin (formerly Stitch) home! He
  settled in immediately. You would think he lived here 
  forever. As a bonus, he's incredibly well-behaved!
  Thanks you Beacon!!

  -Ali Ingersoll
heather found her home

Heather looks so happy snoozing in her new home.  Her family reports, "We are so in love with her!" 
Thank you, Maryann Rigler, for falling for sweet Heather!
lucy with her new family


   Lucky Lucy found a new home with a great family! 
cherokee with her new family

  Cherokee lucked out and found a wonderful forever
  family at PetSmart's grand opening event.  Her mom
  reports that she is doing great and they love her. 

  Thank you, Sullivan family, for giving our girl a loving
Fin in his new yard 
Our handsome, special needs boy, Finn is very happy to be chillin' in his new yard.  He charmed his way into the hearts and home of Al & Kathleen Reese.  We're so glad that he found the home he deserves!

  Kalina, now Clementine, looks purrfectly content in her 
  new home and has grown into a very pretty kitty.
  Thanks, Ingrid F., for adopting sweet Clementine!

Ritz in his home 

  Last year I brought home a little gray fluffball named
  Ritz.  He was renamed Dexter and is as spoiled as ever. 
  Thought you guys would enjoy a picture of him now.
    -Ashley L.
Jacskon in his home 

  Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Beacon Animal
  Rescue. We brought Shady, formerly Jackson, home
  a month ago and he is the best addition to our family. 
  Thank you! 

    -Betsy B.
Benny and Patsy Happy Tails

Patsy and Benny, mother and son, were adopted together 
 3 years ago and they look great.  Thanks, Nina, for adopting these cuties and sending us an update!
Terry in his new home

   Perry, (formerly Terry) is home and doing great! 
   Thank you for our fur baby.  We are in love!

      -Megan M.
Tweed adoption  

Just wanted to share a picture of Lincoln, formerly Tweed.
We adopted him about 2 month ago from Beacon and it's been an adventure every day. He's very happy in his new home and LOVES taking rides on the boat. He's such a great addition to our family.

-Jessica D.
Frodo adoption pic 

  Frodo was very happy to hop in the car and head for home 
  with a great family!
renegade adoption pic 
Renegade, renamed Lucky, is a gentle soul who had a short stay at Beacon before charming his way into a wonderful new home! 
Andy happy tails pic 
Andy is one lucky pup!  He travels the country with his daddy, and then arrives back home to spend quality time with his parents.  Andy's dad even created a Facebook group so we could all follow along as they traveled the U.S. together!  Andy's journey to his forever home touched so many people along the way.  We are so very grateful to Phillip & Kelly Colarusso for giving this boy the chance he needed to thrive in a loving and caring home!
izzie happy tails pic


   Here's Izzie loving life in her new home!
riley happy tails pic 
Riley (left) looks quite comfortable on the couch with his sister Zoey.  He's also been known to allow Gunner the cat (pictured below) to snuggle with him.  Riley was fostered during a snowstorm and quickly convinced his foster family that he should become a permanent member of household!  Thanks Deb & Harry Norcross for giving this special guy a great home!
gunner happy tails pic 

  Handsome Gunner looking very festive in his Santa hat. Thank you,
  Norcross family, for providing this sweet kitty with a loving home.
Lady in her new home 
Here's our Lady giving kisses to her new mommy. We are so happy she found a wonderful home with the Klotz family!
Roxy in her new home 

  Roxy looking right at home with her new family. 
  Thank you Donley family for loving this sweet girl!
This is Charlie on the right. He was adopted out about
4 years ago. A couple came a great distance to adopt him from Connecticut and have stayed in touch with Beacon over the years. 

Gerry enjoying his new home! 

Greyson, formerly known as Bruce,
is loving his new home.

We just love her! 
Peaches is a blind kitten who was adopted with another kitten from Beacon & doing wonderfully.

Here's Peaches with her adopted buddy Marty (Woodsie). Peaches and Marty are best buds and even sleep with our lab Morgan. 
Sage in new home 

   Hi! Thought I'd send a few recent pictures of Sage, all ready for
   Santa Paws. She is getting along so nicely with our older German
   Shepherd. Thank you so much for bringing this sweet baby into
   our lives! We love her so much!  -Denise Turner
Angie in her new home 

Here's a picture of Riley who was once known as Angie. She is the most amazing dog in the world and goes everywhere with us. Thank you so much for allowing this member of our family.
-The Paynter Family
Here is a picture of Luna making herself right at home. She has been eating quite frequently and playing a lot. Finally around 8:00 pm she used the litter box.

She is currently residing in my daughter's room since she is away at college. So far so good. She is a sweet little girl.

Kathy Reese

Penelope with her new mom... 

Wishing all my doggie friends were here.

Love, TOBY 
Chico and CoCoinHi Al and Dave,
Here they are:  Winter on the left, adopted just recently, and Connie on the right, adopted in November, 2011. They are as different as night and day, yet equally delightful.
With two Chihuahuas and three cats, we are a furry, happy family!
With appreciation for everything Beacon is,
Lisa Apel-Gendron & Howie Gendron

Blue  Hello Dave,

I'm having a great time in my new home. My new mommy, daddy and grandma are taking good care of me, and loving me so much that I'm becoming spoiled. I love running outside around the house until I'm tired, especially when daddy chases me. I still have tendency to want to chew on fingers, but I'm having so much fun that I get excited and I forget my manners.  But not to worry; my daddy says I will be going to obedience school soon and learning how to be better behaved. Here is a picture of me showing off. Thanks for letting them take me home.

Love, Blue 
Here's a picture of Molly in her bed surrounded by her chew toys.

She loves to chew so I have to keep her busy.  She is such a sweetheart.  She's learning commands and is absolutely no problem.

She just needs attention and love and training.  She's a teenager you know.  But I love her.

Beesley (Snuggles) recuperating after her spay/surgery. We love her very much.

I'm happy and glad that we took the trip to your place to adopt her.  The Wapinski Family
 Jersey and Isaac  
Jersey in his new home with his new best friend, Isaac.
This little fellow was adopted out about 3-4 years ago.

His Mommy and Daddy drove from Connecticut for him.

HAPPY TAILS...You got to love it!

Great video of Louie with his new adoptive family.

He sure looks happy...

View Video

What a Sweetheart. She is an inspiration with her positive spirit. A wonderful testimony to the kindness and hard work of Beacon animal shelter. 

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I was found wandering the streets of Philadelphia homeless and a mess. A great rescue group from New Jersey came and got me. Beacon was contacted and I was brought in yesterday now full of beacon love less than 24 hours later.

We're both happy with each other. He has me, food and stuff, the laser pointer, the hard brush and the red ribbon. And I have him so we're both cool. Thanks for hooking us up.

This 89 year old has adopted Mopsy now named Princess. They are inseparable. They watch TV and go to bed by 8.I love seeing the Joy that has been given to both of them. They are so happy together. Thank you Beacon.

Sarah is a wonderful addition to our family! She is bossing around our dog and into everything. She is sweet and lovable and we couldn't be happier. Thanks!  The Perry Family

Hi Al - Hope all is well at Beacon Animal Rescue!!! Charlie says Hi -  He is doing great!!! Here he is going for a ride with his father in the new truck...He just loves to go "bye-bye"...   Take care, Richard, Coreen Charlie and Belle
Cara's First Day:  

Mama.  She is adjusting well.  She is spoiled! Chris and I love her. She is a great dog.  Chris and I will be sending some more pictures.    Magen Lazarcheck

Hi Dave, Louie is home and doing well. He did very well in the car even though it was a long 5-hour ride. He was getting excited over toll booths, unlike us, thinking that we are slowing down to take him for a walk. He only complained twice because he must have felt cheated as we continued driving. He is learning the rules now: no couch or bed, no chasing cats or dear. He already pooped on the neighbor's lawn, but waited nicely for me to clean up. He is resting by my bedside now. Thank you for everything. Genie
Hi Dave and staff, I just wanted to give you a brief update on Tucker.  He seems to love his new home and family almost as much as we love him.  He is a fabulous dog! Thank you again for letting us adopt this wonderful animal!   Pat and Brian Culkin